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Magnolia fig is an edible deciduous shrub cultivar in the Moraceae (mulberry) family.  One of the most commonly seen varieties in the southeastern United States with one of the largest fruits.   Cold hardy down to 50 degrees, so provide winter protection or bring indoors in colder climates. This is probably the largest fig available on the market. The asymmetric fruit has a bronze skin and an amber flesh. Ripens from mid-July through August. Pick fruit as early as possible because of the open ostiole or it would split and turn sour easily. Magnolia is best suited for preserving.

Fig Tree - 'Magnolia' - Fruiting Fig Tree - Ficus Carica

SKU: WX_7A519D48
  • Drought tolerant, once established. Mulch heavily with organic materials to conserve moisture. Responds well to pruning and can be espaliered or pruned heavily in the dormant season for size control and to increase the main crop.

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